April Check-In

April wasn't a terribly busy month for me. I spent a lot of it just hanging around the house working on my blog and side projects.

I started the month by beating the Halo Infinite campaign. Despite the community's lackluster view of it, I mostly enjoyed it. Parts of it reminded me of FarCry 5, others definitely had the classic Halo feel. There were definitely some repetitive parts that probably could've been spiced up some, and maybe made the open world part a little more open, but I still enjoyed it. The story had some holes to it, but lived up to the game's name and left open parts for future expansions or games.

Towards the end of April, Elon Musk bought Twitter and that began me seriously reconsidering how much of my time I will spend there. I haven't made any firm decision yet, but I did use that as an excuse to clean up some things on my blog. I had noticed some bugs so I spent some time fixing them. The main one was my RSS feed. I had properly built my blog to support MDX, but my RSS feed didn't know what to do with it and rendered custom components as if they were HTML components. You can imagine that didn't turn out the way it should have. I got that squared away for the most part. Styling isn't perfect in the feed, but the content is rendered properly. I might try to play around with it some in the hopes of getting feed readers to preview it better, but I'm also not sure how worth it the venture would be. I also ended up adding a font toggle in the footer to allow for users to switch between sans, serif & monospaced fonts. Why? Because why not?

Monthly Roundup

Running & Biking: Still off the bike.

  • Ran another 27 miles this month. Not bad given the rain and dealing with a hip injury from hockey.
  • Biking...nada

Lifting: I ended up setting a new squats PR of 340 lbs. and broke through both my deadlifts and overhead press plateaus.




  • Halo Infinite - Beat it as mentioned above
  • Elden Ring - Tried playing this. Just not my kind of game. Might try again at some point.
  • Destiny 2 - Picked up The Witch Queen and have been getting myself re-familiarized with it.