I forget what I was reading, but there was a line in it about luck that stuck with me.

The exact quote eludes me, but it was about how we so often attribute our successes purely to our hard work, grit, and determination, leaving out the role of luck.

I think about where I am in life, and while I certainly have worked hard, I can't attribute everything I've earned to that hard work. Luck has played a role in me getting to where I am now as well.

I think about how lucky I am that:

  • I was born in a solidly middle class family
  • I was born in a country that allowed me to explore a multitude of opportunities
  • Both my parents were always there to help and support me
  • My Dad was an engineer who was always able to help me with any math and science classes all the way through college.
  • My Mom was a teacher who could help me with English and literature classes.
  • I grew up never having to worry about food on my plate or a roof over my head.

And this is just a subset of it all. None of this I had any control over. It just was.

This is not to say that those who didn't have what I had growing up couldn't achieve what I have, it just made my journey all that much easier. It also makes it all that much more impressive for those that have had more barriers to break through.

It really makes me count my blessings and be ever more thankful for everything I have.