Reading Log - August 11, 2023 (#39)

A little heavy on podcasts this week.

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

The combined power of F# and C# - Steven Giesel

Progressively Enhanced Form Validation, Part 1: HTML and CSS - Gerardo Rodriguez

🖥 Technology & the Internet

CNET is deleting old articles to try to improve its Google Search ranking - Mia Sato

Your Computer Should Say What You Tell It To Say - Cory Doctorow & Jacob Hoffman-Andrews

Appeals Court: Salesforce Can’t Use 230, And Could Be Liable For Sex Trafficking Because Backpage Was A Customer - Mike Masnick

📈 Business & Finance

From $40 billion to ‘going concern’ — WeWork warns of possible bankruptcy - Jordan Novet

That Cool New Bookstore? It’s a Barnes & Noble. - Ben Cohen

⚾️ Sports

The $1 million shot that changed sports contests forever - Ryan Hockensmith

Michael Lorenzen Brings Down the House in Philly - Ben Clemens

🎧 Podcasts

The .NET Core Podcast #117: Our Perspectives on the Future of .NET with Mark J Price

Cautionary Tales: The Scientist and the Swindler

The Unhandled Exception Podcast #50: Hot Reload - with David Wengier

99% Invisible #527: RoboUmp

.NET Rocks #1834: Modern Web Front End Development with Amy Kapernick

Work Life with Adam Grant: Life lessons from sports with Jody Avirgan

Hardcore History Addendum #24: Manifesting the Muse with Rick

🎒 Everything Else

Where's My Rest Badge? - Anne Helen Petersen

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero