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About the Chevron Doctrine

The U.S. Supreme Court looks to be preparing to overturn the Chevron Doctrine and heaven help us all.

Reading Log - November 13, 2023 (#50)

I can't believe this is the 50th issue of my current take on my reading logs. This week I read about the renaissance of CSS, issues at SpaceX, the cancellation of a promising new nuclear power station, and more.

Reading Log - August 28, 2023 (#41)

This week includes hacking through social engineering, coffee and sleep, a classic Star Wars game, and more.

Reading Log - July 7, 2023 (#35)

A Lot of software development links this week as well as a history of the fall of Google Reader and more.

Reading Log - October 14, 2022 (#1)

It's been a little bit since I've posted one of these. Been busy working on other projects and playing Wrath of the Lich King. Anyway, here's the newest list.