Posts in June 2023

Gary Bettman and the NHL are Cowards

Last year, the hubbub started when Flyers (my team sadly) defenseman Ivan Provorov decided to not skate warmups wearing the Flyers pride night jersey. Of the 20 active skaters and goalies, he was the only person to not be out there on the ice, and in the pride jersey. This week, the NHL & Gary Bettman gave into the anti-LGBT hate and said that teams will not wear specialty jerseys for warmups in the 2023-24 season.

Reading Log - June 23, 2023 (#33)

Two weeks worth of articles this week as I was in New York City last weekend. This log has a bunch of news out of the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, Reddit following the path of Twitter, and more.

It's Easy to Fall Off the Train

I’ve been pretty good with my fitness to start the year. For the first 3 months of the year I worked out in some fashion just about every day. Then I tweaked my hip flexor and it came crashing down.

Goodbye Reddit!

Well, it’s official...I deleted my two Reddit accounts.

Reading Log - June 2, 2023 (#31)

A little light this week, but some changes to the Reddit API look to be coming, AI might not be the job killer many seem to think it is and more.

May Check-In

May was a bit of a frustrating month, but I can’t fully point my finger at why exactly. I ended up tweaking a muscle early in the month that limited my physical activities, but not much else really jumps out at me as to why the month felt off.