Two Month Running Streak

August 23, 2020
3 Minute Read

Two months ago, I decided to go for a run, something I've been doing during most of the pandemic. What I didn't know was that this run would be the start of what would become a 2+ month running streak.

Since March when everything shut down due to the Coronovirus pandemic, running became one of the only physical activities I felt comfortable doing. I was doing a pretty good job running 4-5 times per week and staying active which has definitely been important for keeping my spirits up. I have no idea what made me start this running streak, but five or so days into it, I decided to just keep it going to see how long I could go. My only rule was that a run had to be 1 mile for it to count. So far, this hasn't been an issue, my shortest run was 1.28 miles which was the day after my first legs workout with my home gym which killed my legs and made running quite a challenge for a few days while I was dealing with the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). On average, I'm hitting 3.12 miles per run, right around a 5k.

Every week, I've been proud of myself for keeping it going. I've never taxed my legs like this, even when I was training for the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Given that I've generally maxed out at 5, maybe 6 runs a week, I wasn't sure how I'd handle the load. Today I hit 9 weeks and so far, my legs are holding up. Some days are better than others and I've limited my distance per run as to try to not overdo it. I ended up starting this at the end of June and given my distaste for the heat, I'm actually surprised I've been able to keep it up even with temperatures in the 90s. Early morning runs have certainly helped with the heat, but even in the morning, I come back drenched in sweat. I am also hoping the weather holds up. I've had to time some of my runs trying to avoid the rain. I don't have access to a treadmill so if I want to run, it has to be outside. I've done a few runs while it's been drizzling which haven't been the most fun. Not sure I'm hardcore enough to run if it's a downpour.

Let's see how far I can take this...I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon!