Two Months Down in 2021

I can't quite decide if this year is flying by...or dragging on...and on...and on.

I'm not entirely sure why it feels like time has slowed down. The pandemic is still gripping the nation, I'm still stuck in quarantine with my wife. Nothing has really changed for me from say September of last year to now. The only big difference is that it's not as fun to be outside right now with the cold and all the snow. Seriously, I think I've used my snowblower more this year than in the previous 5 years I've owned my house combined. But not wanting to be outside doesn't really feel like it's the reason this year feels like it's been dragging. The weather doesn't normally affect me like this, so I'm guessing the pandemic and everything that goes along with it is finally starting to get to me.

As rough as it's felt though, it hasn't been an awful year. I've been doing a good job at sticking with my 2021 goals. I've been enjoying and thriving at my new job. I've been able to enjoy weekends and evenings with my wife. All in all, it's been a good two months so far.

Staying Active

I've been doing a good job of staying active around 6 days a week. My primary activity is lifting, but I've also been bringing out my bike trainer I got for Christmas a couple years ago. I've been hesitant with the cold, snow and ice to run. The last thing I want to do is slip, fall and twist my ankle (or worse). The bike trainer gives me the ability to get my heart rate up and get a cardio workout in to supplement my lifting.

Improving My Development Chops

I can't say there's been a lot to say here. I'm learning a lot at my new job and am continuing on with my fitness tracker project, so I'm going to count that as a continued success.

Reading More

Again, not much to say here, I'm on my fourth book of the year. Haven't always felt like reading books every night, but I have done a better job at keeping up with my RSS feeds.

Wrtiting More

I feel like I've done a little better with this. Two months in, I have almost half the number of posts I had in 2020. I think I'll be able to keep this up.

All in all, there's not much to report. I'm just gonna keep doing my thing and hoping that I will be eligible for the COVID vaccine sooner than I figure.