Marathon Training

August 3, 2022
1 Minute Read

Whelp, the Philadelphia Marathon is 16 weeks away and I've started training for it.

Back in May I decided to run another marathon and signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I ran the 2015 Philly Marathon in 5 hours 15 minutes. I want to get that time under 5 hours this year.

Now is when I have to put action to my words and have to start training for it. I'm gonna be running 4 days a week and for the first time in several years run for distance. I'm going to have to run 8 miles on Saturday which will be my longest run since 2017. It's gonna be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it. The worst of it will probably be this month and maybe into September when I have to deal with higher temperatures and high humidity. There will be some early wake-ups to help me beat the heat! Oh boy...

Wish me (and my legs) luck!