August Check-In

September 7, 2022
4 Minute Read

I can't believe the summer is basically over. August was spent running. So...much...running.

At the beginning of August my training for the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon began. I went from running regularly, if not intermittently, to running 4 days a week. My legs were yelling at me all month with having to run longer and longer distances. Thankfully my body is finally catching up and the runs have gotten a bit of easier. The long runs every Saturday are still tough, but this whole thing is a challenge so as far as I'm concerned, it'll be worth it! 5 weeks in, 11 to go!

Various Events

I started the month going to a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (Phillies AAA affiliate) baseball game with my family. It was a fun time, but not for the Iron Pigs as they got smoked. Later in the month I went to a Phillies game that went far better for the home team. I also ended up going to a whiskey tasting dinner later in the month that has gotten me to start trying some new whiskeys and bourbons. That could be dangerous.

New Project at Work

I ended up getting (temporarily?) put on a new team at work. I'm now working with Identity Server and it's a nice change of pace and a new thing to explore which is exciting.

Changing How I Journal

Over the last 6 months or so, I've been trying to journal what I do every day and whatnot. I started out using a Moleskine notebook and pen, then I moved to Notion, then to my local Dropbox folder full of markdown files, then back to pen and paper...well, needless to say I've had a hard time deciding how I want to do it. I've started using Goodnotes on my iPad with the Apple Pencil and feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds with regards to physically writing with the ease of technology and "undo" the iPad provides. The only thing I don't like, which is no better than paper and pencil, is that there's no real way to journal from my iPhone. I can view the notes, but since there isn't Apple Pencil support (if I even had it), I can't do much more. I definitely enjoy keeping track of what I've done, just need to find a good way to make it easy for myself.

New Dining Room Piece

When my wife and I bought our house in 2015, our dining room was outdated, but it had an "okay" set of built-ins next to the fireplace. They weren't anything to write home about, but they were functional. When we found the wood paneling under the wallpaper and decided to gut the room, we ended up losing those built-ins. Since then, that area has been kind of useless. We've also needed a pantry and some more storage, so we decided to hire a local woodworking company to build us a new set of built-ins. Only this one came with beautiful black walnut sliding doors. Needless to say, they turned out awesome and am so happy that we have a nice piece that is also functional.

A beautiful black walnut sliding doors next to my fireplace

Monthly Roundup

🏃🏼‍♂️ Running & Biking

🏋🏼‍♂️ Lifting:

Lifting 1-2 times a week, not really going for any PRs at this point, though I am trying to inch my way back towards a 400 lbs. deadlift.

📚 Reading:

✍🏻 Writing

🎮 Gaming

Been playing WoW a bunch. Trying to get ready for Wrath of the Lich King in September.