July 2023 Check-In

August 3, 2023
3 Minute Read

July was a scorcher. I know we had it lucky compared to other areas of the world, but I don’t do well in the heat so the constant 90º weather was not pleasant for me.

Other than the heat, it wasn’t a bad month. Not much really happened this month. It was nice and relaxing. I went down to Maryland to hang out with a good friend from college. We caught an Orioles’ game in Baltimore and just hung out with his wife and daughter.

Running Again

Towards the end of the month I started getting back into running since I’m going to attempt the Philadelphia Marathon this year. My hip flexor is still giving me issues so I’m hoping it doesn’t get so bad I can’t run. Thankfully the distances right now are on the shorter side to help me ramp up to the longer distances. Waking up at the crack of dawn so I can run to beat the heat won’t be much fun though.


I’ve also picked back up the guitar. I got one in high school, took a few lessons but then stopped playing since I didn’t really take to it. One of my goals this year was to pick it back up. I’ve gotten my hands on an acoustic guitar and am taking online practice lessons in hopes that I’ll take to it better this time. The tips of my fingers are hurting though 😭.

More Sleeve Work

I had my second session for my sleeve and so far it looks amazing. The detail is phenomenal despite it not having any color yet. I have two sessions scheduled in August to get some color on the upper arm and then start on the forearm. I’m looking forward to more progress and its eventual completion.

Monthly Round-Up

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