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Reading Log - March 25, 2024 (#69)

It's a little light this week, but heavy on free speaech and the internet.

Reading Log - November 6, 2023 (#49)

Caught up on some of my RSS feeds this week. This week it's the new text-wrap CSS property, a new entrant to the space race, Microsoft cracking down (dangerously?) on game controllers, and more.

Reading Log - March 10, 2023 (#21)

This week I read about the web becoming more miserable, and dysfunction in D.C. over tech issues.

Reading List: September 3 - 23

Life's been busy lately and I didn't get around to posting my weekly reading the last 2 weeks. I'ms starting back up with a slightly new format. I'm going to have a few links that I go into more depth with my thoughts on and then follow it up with the normal link list.

Reading List: May 14 - May 20

This week we're a little heavy reading about freedom of speech and content moderation.