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Reading Log - May 6, 2024 (#75)

Apple is asking for input on masonry layouts, NASA is still pushing forward with Artemis II, and more.

Reading Log - March 4, 2024 (#66)

This week is a little CSS-heavy. Also we look at Automattic, the owner of Tumblr & Wordpress being problematic, and more.

Reading Log - February 5, 2024 (#62)

NASA's Ingenuity Copter has flown its last flight, the EU blocking Amazon's iRobot acquisition, TypeScript in 2024, and more.

In Defense of TypeScript

The other day in my quest to go through my podcast queue I was listening to an episode of PodRocket, The state of JS frameworks with Chris Ferdinandi. It was a good discussion on some of the downsides of frameworks like React, Vue, and the like. I would highly recommend listening to it.

Reading Log - October 2, 2023 (#46)

This week I read about why analytics are a privacy nightmare and not worth it, NASA seeing what they got back from the asteroid, the FTC going after Amazon and more.

Integrating Notion into my Site

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been revising how several of my pages get their data. Instead of having to manually edit a JSON file that’s in my code base, I’ve been pulling from Notion’s API. The benefit of this is that it’ll be easier to update the pages. I figure I’ll show how I did it in hopes of helping others.

Is TypeScript Solving a Problem or a Symptom

I was listening to ShopTalk Episode 553 and Dave asked a question that made me pause and think, hmmm…

Reading Log - May 26, 2023 (#30)

Wow, 30 issues now of my reading log in its current format! This week I read about Instagram joining the fediverse, Google’s AMP disaster, the importance of core functionality working without JavaScript, and more.

Reading Log - March 24, 2023 (#23)

You know all those supposedly "good" password rules? Well, they tend not to be so good.

Reading Log - March 17, 2023 (#22)

New updates about .NET 8 & TypeScript, JavaScript failures & progressive enhancement, and more.

Reading Log - February 3, 2023 (#17)

This week we look at the next version of TypeScript, the new version of EntityFramework, a big acquisition at Netlify and more.

Reading Log - November 4, 2022 (#4)

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter has made for an interesting news week.

Reading List: August 13 - 19

Quite a lot this week.

Reading List: July 30 - August 5

Amazon now has Alexa on wheels!

Updating My Likes Page with Feedbin

I've been tweaking my site here and there and the one thing I recently did was change how I populate my 'likes' page. Previously I had been doing it manually, but recently after having listened to the founder of Feedbin on the Changelog Podcast, I decided to try something different. I wanted to use a nice feature Feedbin has to make the page better.

Reading List: June 11 - June 24

Due to my trip last week to New York City, this list is a little bit longer.