Works In Progress

I work on various side projects. For me, it's fun to build things while learning new technologies that I might not otherwise get to use. This page is to talk about them.

Active Projects

Projects I'm currently working on.

Wags Media Repository

If you look at my media pages (Bookshelf, Movies, Music, Podcasts, TV, & Video Games), their content is generated by Notion's API where I keep the data stored and updated.

In my push to keep more control of my own data, I'm building my own repository to store this data. I'm planning on bringing the data to be loaded in the 11ty build process by having a console app pull the data and download it as JSON files. The interface for adding/updating/deleting will be built using Blazor.

I still have some questions on how I want to integrate things into the build process, but I'm thinking this will hopefully make my build process faster, and keep data more in my control.

Leegtastic (League Management System)

The system my local hockey rink uses to manage teams and rosters is absolutely awful. I joked about how I could do it better, so I decided to start building something. Currently using a .NET API which I have been working on, but am undecided what to use for the frontend. I've been going back and forth between Blazor and React.

Inactive Projects

Projects I haven't abandoned, but are inactive or on the backburner.

Digital Family Cookbook

This is a .NET API / React Frontend app for cooking/baking recipe management system.

I have a MVP of this just about done, but I know the UI/UX could be vastly improved. I hope to get back to it at some point to smooth it out and then finally release it.

View the GitHub Repo.

Gamifit (Fitness Tracker)

I started this idea from the few Excel spreadsheets I use to keep track of my fitness progress. I am/was planning on building a web app to replace the spreadsheet with.

I'm honestly not quite sure where this is at the moment. I've gone through multiple iterations where I've started it, didn't like how it was progressing, and started over.

Ongoing Utilities

Projects that are more utilities for things I'm working on.

Reading Log Generator

This is a .NET console app that creates the markdown for my weekly reading logs. Rather than manually going through and creating all the links, I have this tied into the Notion API to generate it with a single console command.

View the GitHub Repo.

Site Content Generator

I had and still have snippets in both VS Code and Sublime Text to build out the front matter for the markdown for my blog posts, notes, and book notes. But I built this .NET console app to build the markdown file with the front matter automatically given a few prompts.

View the GitHub Repo.

The Graveyard

Projects I've abandoned.

Social Image Generator

This was a .NET console app that would generate the social image that would be attached to each post. I've given up on that currently, so this is pretty much in the dustbin.

View the GitHub Repo.