February Check-In

March 6, 2023
4 Minute Read

Two months in and the year has been going relatively well. Bummed the Eagles couldn't pull off a Super Bowl win, but no complaints otherwise.

Sad Super Bowl

I knew facing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs was going to be difficult, but the Eagles defense played an awful game and in the end, they couldn't maintain their lead. It was certainly a bummer, but alas.

Fitness Goals Coming Along Nicely

With regards to my strength training, my switch to nSuns is going well. I've been getting back up to my previous highs and have broken my deadlifts PR by 5 lbs. hitting 1 rep at 390. Currently sitting at 965 lbs. towards the 1,000 lbs. club. Maybe March will be the lucky month. I might drop weights afterwards a tad to focus on getting higher reps, but I'll decide that later.

With running, the weather has been crazy warm and I've taken advantage of that to run some longer distances. I'd been focusing on running 3 miles per run, this month I was targeting 4+ miles. Managed that on all but one run, and even hit 5 and then 6 miles too. Getting some longer runs in earlier will hopefully help a bit when I go to start training for the marathon later in the year.

Traveling to Hershey

At the end of the month, Lauren and I drove out to Hershey, Pennsylvania to explore some of their distilleries and breweries, and to see a Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey game against the local Bears team.

The hotel we stayed up was awesomely enough within walking distance of some great restaurants and distilleries. We ended up stopping by Midstate Distillery, Hidden Still Spirits, Tattered Flag & Troegs. It was a fun trip, and there were more places we would like to see next time we meander out that way.

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms playing the Hershey Bears in a hockey game at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Continuing My Blazor Journey

I've continued to work with Blazor in building my card organizer app. I've been really impressed with the ease of which I can build out forms. I'm making good progress and hope to have an MVP out in the next month or so.


Work has been going well so far this year. I've been working on getting several pages rewritten into React to make it a little easier for my team and the design team to work on them.

I've also been immersing myself in the database project to help set it up for true integration tests. We've been using mock data which is less than ideal. I've been working with our engineering team to get a docker container set up to allow our integration tests to run as part of our CI/CD process. I'm learning a lot and it's actually a pretty neat process.

Monthly Round-Up

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