June 2023 Check-In

July 3, 2023
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Half the year is over. This month also had me surviving another trip around the sun.

Site Updates

The one thing I've spent doing this month is moving my various lists (TV, Movies, Now, Video Games, Bookshelf, Podcasts, & my new Music page) is to put the data into Notion and use it's API to load the data. This will save me the hassle of updating the JSON that currently populates it. I started with my new music page and now I've gotten TV, books, video games and the now pages all updated. Last ones are movies and podcasts.

New York City

It's become somewhat of a tradition, but Lauren and I spent a long weekend in New York City for my birthday. We seldomly go there with a plan, we just see what's going on and go from there.

This year we went to MoMA to see a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit Lauren had been wanting to see. It was interesting but I feel sadly that some of it is just lost on me.

A lot of the rest of the trip was spent wandering around, checking out different restaurants, whiskey bars, and even a new brewery. Time was also spent at various parks people watching and reading. The weather was mostly good too. It wasn't too hot, it only really rained for a little bit and we were inside MoMA for the storm.

Next year's birthday will be a little weird as I'll be hitting the big 4-0.

Back at it as a Goalie

The league I play goalie in has started back up, so I'm now spending more nights at the rink, this time guarding the net. I'm glad to have given my hip flexor a month and a half break, but am looking forward to getting better in net.

I ended up playing a game towards the end of the month in a higher league as an emergency sub. We ended up winning the game too. The defense in front of me was a huge help and deserves most of the credit, but I felt like I played relatively well given the advanced skill level. Only helps me get better too!

Finally Starting My Sleeve

For the last 5+ years, I have been wanting to get a space-themed sleeve on my right arm. I finally found an artist to work on getting it started. My first session was last week and the work so far looks amazing. There's still plenty to go, but I can't wait for the final result.

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