March 2024 Check-In

April 2, 2024
2 Minute Read

March was a very quiet month for me. There really wasn’t much of anything to note. I lead a mostly boring life which I do believe is a good thing.

Hobby Scheduling

I mentioned this last month, but I’ve bee following the schedule I set out to try to help balance what I focus on. It’s been going mostly well. I’ve made good progress on my story and am almost at 30,000 words. I’ve made good progress on my league management web app. I also have been able to get some TV & gaming time in. Halo was interesting, I enjoyed Mass Effect, started its sequel, and have gotten back into Road to the Show in MLB the Show 24.

Work Project

The project I’ve been working on in Blazor has been going well. I’m learning a lot between both my side projects and at work and am liking the developer tools for it. I’ve also gotten better at bringing in tests using the bUnit library.


Lifting has been somewhat sporadic which I’m trying to correct in April. It was partly the cause of the increased walking in March. The infrequency of lifting caused leg soreness which pushed me more towards walking over runs. I’m hoping as the weather gets nicer, I can balance exercise out more.

Monthly Round-Up

🏃🏼‍♂️ Fitness

📚 Reading

✍🏻 Writing

🎮 Gaming

📺 Watched

🎬 Movies