April 2024 Check-In

May 4, 2024
3 Minute Read

April was a busy month. We celebrated my wife's birthday with a trip to Cape May, spent time with family, and my next hockey season started up.

Cape May Trip

For my wife's birthday, we took our usual trip to Cape May. We stayed at Congress Hall, which is an old hotel by the beach built in 1816. It's a gorgeous property and we spent time relaxing on its veranda reading and walking around the beach town.

Some days we meandered further inland to check out some of the local wineries and breweries. All in all, it was a relaxing trip, and something I didn't realize I needed.

Family Time

Our family has a lot of April birthdays and we ended up going out to dinner a few times this month as a family. We don't always get the chance to see some of our extended family, so it was good to see them multiple times this month.

New Hockey Season

Not much to report here, but the spring - summer hockey season started up and we've jumped right high gear. Looks like we're going to be playing once every 7-10 days so I'll be back at the rink on a regular basis. Only saviing grace for my sleep schedule is that the other league I play in is on hiatus for the next month.

Everything Else

Work has been going well. I've been making good progress with Blazor. I occasionally have run into learning curve issues regarding JavaScript and Blazor's rendering modes, but I'm learning and enjoying it.

My experiment in scheduling my hobbies has fallen flat. I've mostly gone back to doing whatever it is I want to do most nights. I think I might try to get something similar going again. I've fallen out of the habit of writing more of the story (might be a novel now?) which has been kind of disappointing. Setting aside time would be helpful to keep myself on track.

I've also put a pause on my one side project while I build a website for my wife for her to write about her crafts and whatnot. I'll be building it with 11ty just like my site. It should be a relatively simple build, but I'm looking forward to getting it up and running.

Monthly Round-Up

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✍🏻 Writing

🎮 Gaming

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