Fitness Progress - January 2016

I've decided this year that I really want to rid myself of my gut. I think it's shrunk over the last year or two and I have gone down in pants size, but I've always wanted to get rid of it in its entirety. I don't know if that will happen this year, but I definitely want to see the majority of it go away. To that end, I've been making a concerted effort to go to the gym more with what I feel is a good lifting plan, and to generally just stay active.

The biggest issue I've had with it is diet. I unfortunately love food, and I love beer. It's not exactly a great combination. My increased activity level has most certainly helped keep myself at my current weight (hovering just below 180 lbs.) but it hasn't allowed me to lose more weight, or decrease my body fat percentage an in turn my gut. I've also started to do some meal prep for work lunches. Between chili, pork and carrots, and chicken and broccoli, my lunches have generally stayed healthy. My dinners haven't been too bad either. My biggest weakness has been weekends. Part of my issue is that during the week, I'm generally on a 3 meal schedule, whereas on the weekend, the schedule isn't always set so rigidly. Hopefully once I can square some of it away, it will get easier, and I'll get better with things.

Life's too short to completely give up beer, good food, and spending time out with friends and family, but it's definitely something I can get better with.

To help keep me honest, I'm going to be including the following information on my previous month's activities and changes. For the record, when I count active days, I'm counting days where I've done a notable physical activity whether it be a run, a trip to the gym, playing hockey, or going for a walk.

Here are my stats for January 2016. The changes are compared to January 1.

  • Days Active: 24
  • Trips to the Gym: 19
  • Number of Runs: 15
  • Distance Ran:: 45.07 miles

Body Composition

  • Weight (Change): 180.6 lbs. (-1 lbs.)
  • Body Fat % (Change): 23.2% (+0.8%)

Weight Lifting Benchmarks

  • Bench Press (Change): 155 lbs. (+10 lbs.)
  • Squat (Change): 205 lbs. (+40 lbs.)
  • Deadlift (Change): 195 lbs. (+15 lbs.)
  • Overhead Press (Change): 100 lbs. (+15 lbs.)

Edit: Corrected the number of runs