Fitness Progress - February 2016

I feel like I had a good February.

I managed to regularly make it to the gym and really noticed some gains in my strength. I was able to bring all of my major lifts up, and feel good about my progress there. I made some tweaks early in the month spreading my workouts out a little bit to cut down my time at the gym. I am now doing a 4 day split which is nice because it does keep the time at the gym lifting around 1 hour which I feel is the sweet spot for my life as a whole. I still do add cardio to some of the workouts, normally in the form of a 10 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Treadmill Run. This is essentially why the total distance ran has decreased for February as I've been focusing on higher intensity rather than distance.

The whole diet factor still is an issue I'm trying to correct, but I'm getting a little better.

I am running Broad Street (10 miles) at the beginning of May and will likely be running a 15k at the beginning of April so I'll probably be adding in some runs to my workouts.

Here's my progress for the month of February compared with the end of January

  • Days Active: 23
  • Trips to the Gym: 21
  • Number of Runs: 14
  • Distance Ran:: 29.31 miles

Body Composition

  • Weight (Change): 179.1 lbs. (-1.5 lbs.)
  • Body Fat % (Change): 22.4% (-0.8%)

Weight Lifting Benchmarks

  • Bench Press (Change): 180 lbs. (+25 lbs.)
  • Squat (Change): 215 lbs. (+10 lbs.)
  • Deadlift (Change): 235 lbs. (+40 lbs.)
  • Overhead Press (Change): 115 lbs. (+15 lbs.)