Fitness Progress - March 2016

I feel like I had a 'meh' March.

I made it to the gym often enough, but felt like I've been stalling a bit with my lifts. I figured it would end up happening now that the weight is starting to get up there. I've had to increase my rest time for the big exercises to 2 minutes to ensure I have more oomph for each set. I will say though that each time I am able to move up in weight feels much better as it's harder to reach and now each one is a new PR for me.

My diet is still a struggle. All too often I give in and reach for snacks that I should probably avoid. Working out helps prevent this from really hurting, but it's preventing me from reaching my goals.

Here's my progress for the month of March compared with the end of February

  • Days Active: 24
  • Trips to the Gym: 19
  • Number of Runs: 19
  • Distance Ran:: 42.2 miles

Body Composition

  • Weight (Change): 181.1 lbs. (+2 lbs.)
  • Body Fat % (Change): 22.0% (-0.4%)

Weight Lifting Benchmarks

  • Bench Press (Change): 185 lbs. (+5 lbs.)
  • Squat (Change): 225 lbs. (+10 lbs.)
  • Deadlift (Change): 255 lbs. (+20 lbs.)
  • Overhead Press (Change): 115 lbs. (No Change)