Fitness Progress - July 2016

This month was pretty much a complete wash. I didn't really progress at all.

Granted I didn't really regress so I guess I'll count it as a win. Between 2 weddings, the dining room, plans every weekend, I just couldn't get into a routine. At the end of the day though, I should have tried harder to maintain some kind of consistency.

My weight has been ticking up a little bit and I’m not quite sure what my actual body fat percentage is. I use a Fitbit Aria scale every morning to weigh myself and all of a sudden it’s really just jumping around. Some days it’s in the 25% range, the next it’s down below 23%. I know the bioelectrical impedance it uses to measure isn’t the most accurate, but before I felt like it was at least consistent enough to give myself a good idea of where I’m at. Now, I’m not sure. I did buy calipers to help, but I need to learn the best way to use them. The instructions they came with weren’t completely clear.

Here's my progress for the month of July compared with the end of June

  • Days Active: 19
  • Trips to the Gym: 11
  • Number of Runs: 6
  • Distance Ran:: 18.34 miles

Body Composition

  • Weight (Change): 181.2 lbs. (+6.1 lbs.)
  • Body Fat % (Change): 25.3% (+2.7%)

Weight Lifting Benchmarks

  • Bench Press (Change): 200 lbs. (No Change)
  • Squat (Change): 230 lbs. (No Change)
  • Deadlift (Change): 305 lbs. (No Change)
  • Overhead Press (Change): 125 lbs. (No Change)

Year-To-Date Progress:

  • Weight: -0.4 lbs.
  • Body Fat %: +3.0%
  • Bench Press: +55 lbs.
  • Squat: +65 lbs.
  • Deadlift: +120 lbs.
  • Overhead Press: +40 lbs.