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What I Learned: Integration Testing Blazor Apps with bUnit

I wrote last month about unit testing in Blazor with bUnit. What I didn’t think of at the time was whether bUnit and the same methodology could be used for integration tests as well. Turns out, it can.

March 2024 Check-In

March was a very quiet month for me. There really wasn’t much of anything to note. I lead a mostly boring life which I do believe is a good thing.

What I Learned: Blazor Auth with Server Side Pre-Rendering

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working a lot with Blazor at work and one of the issues I ran into was supporting authentication and user sessions while still supporting server side pre-rendering on certain pages.

What I Learned: Unit Testing Blazor with bUnit

At work, my current project has me using Blazor. Unfortunately that means that my tooling for unit testing the frontend and the UI no longer work for this project. React Testing Library doesn’t work all that well with a Blazor frontend. And by that I mean it just doesn’t work. Enter bUnit.

What I Learned: EventCallback in Blazor

Of late, I’ve been using .NET 8 and Blazor at both work and on my league management side project. One thing that I often need to do is pass data between components. Passing data from a parent component to a child component isn’t terribly difficult with parameters. Passing data from a child to a parent isn’t quite as straightforward.

February 2024 Check-In

February wasn't a bad month. It did seem to go by a little quickly though.

What I Learned: HTTP GET Requests in Blazor with a .NET Web API & MediatR Gotcha

The side project idea that has gained the most traction with me is the league management web application. I've spent the better part of weekend and then Monday & Wednesday getting the Blazor web app communicating with the Web API I'm also building for it.

Reading Log - January 22, 2024 (#60)

This week I've read about Bluesky adding RSS feeds, damning information on NASA's Artemis program, and more.

Digging Into Blazor - Forms

One of the regular things you have to do when building interactive websites and applications is to build forms to allow users to enter data. In this post, I’m going to show how to build a simple form in Blazor.

Digging Into Blazor - Setting Up Custom Authentication

One of the things I wanted to integrate with this project was user accounts. I am not sure that I really need it since I’m not really intending to release my card collection app as a full fledged website for the masses. But I still wanted to add it in if for no other reason than to learn.

Reading Log - July 21, 2023 (#36)

It’s another double issue as I was away in Maryland last weekend. Lots of stuff in here from many classic games being no longer available, new C# & .NET features, some CSS tricks, and an unfortunate outcome in the FTC vs. Microsoft case regarding their acquisition of Activision.

Reading Log - May 5, 2023 (#27)

Between a weekend trip and my site update, this has been 3 weeks in the making. This log we look at the passing of a folk legend, Microsoft reverting to its old ways, Microsoft facing a hurdle in its Activision acquisition, some chatty parrots, and more.

Digging Into Blazor - Integrating with Entity Framework

Now that I was getting my feet wet, it was time for me to start laying out the framework for my first real Blazor project. Step one was to get the database setup.

March Check-In

March wasn't a particularly bad month, had a wedding a whiskey dinner.

Reading Log - March 24, 2023 (#23)

You know all those supposedly "good" password rules? Well, they tend not to be so good.

Digging Into Blazor - First Impressions

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Blazor for a while now and as a .NET developer I figured it was time for me to see what the fuss was about.

February Check-In

Two months in and the year has been going relatively well. Bummed the Eagles couldn't pull off a Super Bowl win, but no complaints otherwise.

Reading Log - March 3, 2023 (#20)

Due to a trip out of town last weekend, this edition has 2 weeks worth of links!

January Check-In

It seems like a new year just started and already we're one month in...