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Week Notes for July 7 - 13

My week notes for the week of July 7 through July 13.

Week Notes for June 23 - 29

My week notes for the week of June 23 through June 29.

Week Notes for May 12 - 18

Notes for the week of May 12 through May 18

April 2024 Check-In

April was a busy month. We celebrated my wife's birthday with a trip to Cape May, spent time with family, and my next hockey season started up.

Gary Bettman and the NHL are Cowards (Part 2)

I wrote a post earlier this year about how Gary Bettman and the NHL are Cowards for getting rid of the specialty jerseys before games. Well now they're also banning the use of pride tape.

Reading Log - July 7, 2023 (#35)

A Lot of software development links this week as well as a history of the fall of Google Reader and more.

June 2023 Check-In

Half the year is over. This month also had me surviving another trip around the sun.

Gary Bettman and the NHL are Cowards

Last year, the hubbub started when Flyers (my team sadly) defenseman Ivan Provorov decided to not skate warmups wearing the Flyers pride night jersey. Of the 20 active skaters and goalies, he was the only person to not be out there on the ice, and in the pride jersey. This week, the NHL & Gary Bettman gave into the anti-LGBT hate and said that teams will not wear specialty jerseys for warmups in the 2023-24 season.

10 Years of Playing Hockey

It was 10 years ago when I ended up starting to play ice hockey. I had tried playing baseball again but ended up hurting my shoulder so I opted for trying something new.

Calming Down After Hockey

I enjoy playing hockey and will often play as much as 3 nights a week. Being an adult, I’m stuck with the late ice times so the kiddos can be home and in bed. This means that I’m often not starting games until 10:00 to 10:30pm some nights. This means that I’m not home until midnight some nights. Add in the rush of adrenaline from playing and it’s not a fun combo. I’ve started to settle into a good habit though.

April Check-In

April wasn’t a bad month. I was productive and was able to finish the month with a well deserved long weekend vacation.

February Check-In

Two months in and the year has been going relatively well. Bummed the Eagles couldn't pull off a Super Bowl win, but no complaints otherwise.

November Check-In

Thanksgiving has come and gone, so that means November has also come and gone. It was not a bad month by any means as I got to spend time with my family for both my niece's baptism as well as Thanksgiving.

July Check-In

July was mostly a good month for me. A small medical mishap, but otherwise a good month.

Outdoor Hockey

So last Friday night, I was able to do something that I've been dreaming of for a while. I was able to skate outdoors on an ice rink in Hershey, Pennsylvania.